Amino Acids

Eating FOODS THAT KILL STOMACH FAT has a lot of benefits. They not only help with our health, but also helping us to lose weight and feel great best-amino-acid-supplementsabout ourselves. Foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and also even amino acids are called super foods. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins, and act as enzymes for our cellular reactions, they are also the bulk of your cells structure.

There are essential amino acids that you should pay close attention to and they are:


– Helps with: the immune system, migraines, reduces depression, anxiety, heart spasms, and it also aids in normal sleep due to being a natural relaxant. When taken with Lysine it will reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.


– Helps to produce: hormones, enzymes, and antibodies that help to fight illness and diseases. Lysine also helps to absorb calcium, and improves the formation of connective tissue and bone cartilage.


– Reduces bladder infections and irritations, helps liver produce lecithin, helps protect the kidneys, reduces liver fat, supplies sulfur in which helps to prevent problems with hair, skin and nails, also aids in hair growth.


– Produces a chemical in the brain that transmits signals between the nerve cells and the brain, helps to keep you alert and awake, helps to reduce hunger pains, and improve memory.


– Helps the intestinal tract to function, helps with digestion, and also helps to reduce liver fat.


– Helps to calm emotions, helps with muscle coordination, and helps with mental vigor.

Leucine and Isoleucine

– These two amino acids work together. Both of these amino acids help produce: biochemical components that are essential in the body, the production of energy, alertness, and stimulate the brain.

There are also non-essential amino acids that are also needed for different biochemical reactions to occur within our body.

They are:


– Helps us with healing, needed for muscle growth, helps in regeneration of our liver, and improves immune response.


– Improves memory, helps in functioning of the pituitary and thyroid glands, and also transmits impulses to the brain.


– Helps in production of hormones that are essential in the immune system, and for cells to release oxygen during cell production, glycine is needed for this to take place and be possible.


– Produces a fatty acid cover that protects nerve fibers, helps in the immune system, and is needed for storing glucose in the muscles and liver.


– Is toxic to our bodies, aspartic acid removes ammonia from our bodies by way of our urine, and rids our bodies of this poison.

Glutamic acid

– Helps in healing ulcers, fights fatigue and improves our mental capacities.


– Is a source of energy for our nervous system, brain and muscles. It also helps our immune system by producing anitbodies.


– Is an anti-oxidant that helps slow the aging process, protect against pollutants, and is necessary in production of skin.


– Helps to strengthen our heart muscle and is vital in the functioning of our joints.


– Is a necessary factor for changes to take place during the aging process, and is needed in the removal of waste from our bodies.


– Is found in our blood and is used to treat some diseases like anemia, ulcers, and rheumatoid arthritis.

These are just a few of the amino acids that are essential to help and improve our body’s health. It is important in our diet to eat foods that are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Eating a natural diet protects us from certain illnesses and diseases. Foods that are highest in vitamins, minerals and amino acids are called super foods, and are foods that will help our health greatly.

Foods that are considered super foods are:

Avocados, bananas, cabbage, apples, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, oranges, broccoli, spinach, watermelon, dry beans, salmon and other oily fish, kale, oats, flax seed, blueberries, soya, squash, cranberries, beets, almonds, olive oil, ginger, chili peppers, papaya, tea, mushrooms, kiwi, pineapple, pumpkin, yogurt, sage, rosemary, parsley, mangoes, cinnamon, apricots, lentils, concord grapes, brazil nuts, brussel sprouts, and pomegranates.

A lot of these foods work as a team when eaten together to fight disease and illness. This is the situation for most food that we eat. There are certain foods that are exempt from this fact.

Some of these foods are:

Royal jelly, sea vegetables, quinoa, green tea, umeboshi plum, acai berries, mongosteen fruit, sauco berries, bee pollen, noni fruit, pomergranates, onions, walnuts, goji berries, garlic, mulberries, spinach, golden berries, wild salmon, broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, and kale.

Containing a significant amount of protein and minerals from the ocean, sea vegetables are a super food. As we have depleted the soil by over use, and the use of pesticides we lose nutrients that plants absorb as they grow, sea vegetables offer 10 – 20 times the minerals and vitamins than most plants that are grown on land. The ocean still offers productive sea vegetables such as alaria, wakame, nori, kelp, sea lettuce, blue-green algae, dulse, spirulina, Irish moss, chlorella, and kombu that are all rich with minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Maybe due to family history or not, if you are suffering with an illness or disease already then there are some things that could help you. When cooking vegetables over the temperature of 118 degrees the heat will lose those beneficial properties of the food that we are making. We can always drink juice to help benefit our health, due to the fact that we cannot eat as much as you need. Everyone is different when it comes to the type of nutrients that we all require. Our needs are our own individual body’s requirements when it comes to nutrients.
When you crave something to eat that is our bodies own way of telling us that we need that mineral or vitamin.

A couple of terms that will help us to understand our needs a little better are:


– Necessary nutrients that benefit our health, if we consume too many vitamins for a long period of time it can cause health issues.

Phytonutrients Plant

– Derived anti-oxidants that help improve our health, but they are not required for our health.


– The dark color (pigments) of the fruit or vegetables skin. The skin is also beneficial and contains anit-oxidants.


– Attack living cells due to the fact that they are missing an electron so they will steal one from other cells, due to the damage that they cause they are the culprit for all illnesses and diseases. Free-radicals are found in water pollution, air, and in certain junk foods that we eat. We cannot protect ourselves from them, they are everywhere, but they do accumulate with age of our body, it is just a part of life.


– All anti-oxidants contain an extra electron, they neutralize free-radicals by giving their extra electron. They are called scavengers, and prevent help tissue and cell damage which could lead to illness and disease by protecting us from free-radicals. They are needed every day to promote optimal health.


– Is a combinations of nutrients that when taken together or in combinations become more powerful than when taken alone.
To receive a greater benefit, eat foods in combinations that are richest and darkest in color with other like foods in a rich dark color. Any food, even if not listed in this article that is rich and dark in color has a great chance of being just as beneficial to our health, but have not yet been studied and found to be absolutely true yet. Such fruit is the cherry, it has a rich dark color and most likely is great for our health, but has not yet been studied extensively yet for the proof. Every food that is grown in the ground naturally will have benefits for our body and health.

Due to biological needs there is some evidence that suggest that men and women need different nutrients. To protect themselves against testosterone levels, prostate cancer, sperm counts, bladder cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Men should have about five servings of tomato sauce or five tomatoes in a week to help and protect them from prostate cancer. For a males reproductive system, testosterone, and sperm count, men need zinc, which a full days supply can be found in three oysters. Broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts, when eaten five times a week can start to show a reduction in men getting bladder cancer, which men are three times more likely to get than women are. A handful of unsalted peanuts is said to lower your cholesterol helping to reduce heart disease risk. Melons can reduce the risk of getting high blood pressure. To reduce the risk of stroke and high blood pressure we should consume potassium.

Due to low iron levels, women tend to be anemic and suffer from menopausal hot flashes. To help prevent from gall bladder disease, women need to consume foods high in vitamin C such as papayas. Women that already have breast cancer can possibly slow the growth by eating lignans. To fight osteoporosis women need to consume more vitamin D and K. During menstruation women may get fatigue, and also tend to be anemic and suffer from menopausal hot flashes due to low iron. By eating 3oz. of buffalo meat will help you to get the iron that women need. Hot flashes for women may be reduced by eating a half cup of tofu, due to tofu containing 30mg of isoflavones which are plant chemicals that have a similar structure found in estrogen. FOODS THAT KILL STOMACH FAT are also healthy foods for our bodies to function properly. We get many benefits when we choose to eat healthy, we also lose weight and feel better about ourselves, and your health.

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